Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recon Aircraft just Back from the Mission over Crete

L2+OR, a Messerschmitt Bf 110 C-5 of 7.Staffel (Fern) / Lehrgeschwader 2 (LG 2), photographed on its return to Athens-Kalamaki, probably from a mission over Crete. The aircraft's armament consisted of four MFG 17 machine-guns in the upper nose, while the two MG FF cannon in the lower nose were removed to make way for an Rb 50/30 camera. The pilot, seen leaving the cockpit, is wearing a life vest and signal flares on his right flying boot. With the start of Operation "Merkur" (Mercury), the airborne invasion of Crete, 7.(F)/LG 2 flew numerous reconnaissance missions over Crete and the waters surrounding the island. Only one crew was lost during these operations: on 20 May 1941 Oberleutnant Erich Kissel and Feldwebel Erwin Adam (gunner) were killed when their Bf 110 E (L2+PR, Werknummer 2330) crashed near Heraklion for reasons unknown. In one of the photo, L2+OR is seen leaking oil from its left engine. Oil may be seen left and right of the tire track on the ground and is also visible in the close-up. Note the modified camouflage on the leading edge of the wing. Spinner tips are in the Staffel color white. Also note the typical hangars on the airfield and the "Teufelskopf" (Devil's Head) emblem on the motorcycle sidecar.

Source :
"Luftwaffe im Focus", Spezial No.1 - 2003

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