Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DRK Nurse and Wehrmacht Soldiers

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK) or German Red Cross nurses basic uniform worn by the DRK helferin/helferinen (helpers) during wartime consisted of medium grey pleated-front blouse or a blue-grey pinstriped blouse and skirt with detachable white collar as shown in the following photo. Worn over the ward dress was the bib-fronted type apron, with hemlines that fell below knee length. The headdress is a starched white nurse cap with a woven band stitched along its front edge, showing a red cross or alternatively the letters RK. They also wore black silk stocking and black lace-up shoes. For the long sleeved blouses, a white armband with Red Cross emblem can be seen surrounded by the German translation of German Red Cross, in black Gothic script.

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