Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Finnish Victory Ceremony in Vyborg

31 August 1941: Finnish forces held a victory ceremony in Viipuri/Vyborg Main Square before the statue of Torkel Knutsson, after the recapture of the city in Karelian Isthmus from the Soviet occupation. The Russian control of the Karelian Isthmus near lake Ladoga was crumbling after the defeat of the two Soviet divisions. On 29 August 1941, Vyborg was captured by Finnish troops.

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German Soldiers Visited Versailles Palace

The original "selfie" : Happy German soldiers visited the Versailles Palace in 1940, shortly after the fall of France and the German-French ceasefire of 22 June 1940. It didn't take long before they were sent to the Eastern Front to get ready for the upcoming offensive against Russia. Notice the guy in the second row to the left with a bugle of some sort!

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Generalleutnant Eberhard Rodt

Generalleutnant Eberhard Rodt (4 December 1895 - 14 December 1979) was a native of Münich. He joined the Bavarian 2. Ulanen-Regiment "König" in Ansbach as a war volunteer in 1914 and was commissioned the following year. He served in the Reichsheer and later commanded I.Abteilung / Kavallerie-Regiment 18 (1936-1939), Kavallerie-Regiment 7 (1939), Aufklärungs-Abteilung 25 (1939-1940), Schützen-Regiment 66 (1942), and 22. Panzer-Division (1942-1943). Sent to Italy to recuperate with the remnants of his staff, Rodt was promoted to Generalmajor on 1 March 1943. Despite the fact that he had basically failed as a panzer division commander in Russia, Rodt was charged with forming the 15. Panzergrenadier-Division in Sicily out of the survivors of the 15. Panzer-Division of the Afrikakorps plus assorted miscellaneous units. He was thus, in effect, given a second chance professionally! Rodt took full advantage of this opportunity by performing brilliantly as a divisional commander in Sicily, Italy, and on the Western Front, and fully justified the confidence of his superiors had in him (despite his previous failure in the East). He was promoted to Generalleutnant on 1 March 1944 and led the 15. Panzergrenadier-Division till the end of the war in 1945.

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Book "Panzer Legions: A Guide to the German Army Tank Divisions of World War II and Their Commanders" by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.