Wednesday, January 13, 2016

American Soldiers Talk with a Swiss Watchmaker during Leave

At the war's end, three veteran soldiers from the US Third Army get a few pointers form an elderly Swiss watchmaker in what to look for when purchasing a good watch. Watches are very cheap in Switzerland, and nearly every GI sent home with one for himself or his girl! All three men are wearing wool "Eisenhower" jackets, wool trousers and two buckle boots. The "Eisenhower" jacket was inspired by the British battledress and ETO jackets. It had been originally designed to be worn as a liner to the 1943 field jacket but was instead used as a dress, or Class A, jacket. The man on the right has sewn a Third Army patch to his left shoulder. He is also wearing a later pattern trouser with a pocket flap added to the back pockets. Earlier pattern of trouser would have had a simple slash pocket.

Source :
Book "Patton's Third Army" by Christopher J. Anderson

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