Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hitler with the Bunker Models

From left to right: Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel (Chef der Oberkommando der Wehrmacht), Adolf Hitler (Führer und Oberster Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht), Oberst Erich Kahsnitz (Kommandeur Füsilier-Regiment "Großdeutschland" / Panzergrenadier-Division "Großdeutschland), and General der Pioniere Alfred Jacob (General der Pioniere und Festungen im Oberkommando des Heeres). This photo was taken when pioneer general Jacob showed Hitler the latest German fortification and bunker designs, which would later be used on many battle fronts. There is no information when and where this photo was taken, but most likely in June 1943, shortly after Jacob was awarded the Ritterkreuz des Kriegsverdienstkreuz mit Schwertern (June 4, 1943), the medal we saw attached to his neck. Another point of concern is that although Kahsnitz is actually a Regimentskommandeur - who generally serves on the front - but his services is still needed by Hitler at Führerhauptquartier (in September-October 1942 he once became Führerreserve), at least as a notescriber! In this period of time the Germans are busy building strength in order to support the next offensive that will be launched in the Kursk region (Unternehmen Zitadelle). In the upcoming battle Kahsnitz would be fatally injured and lost his life (July 29, 1943). This photograph by Walter Frentz is famous for being the cover of 'Hitler's War' book by the prominent author David Irving.