Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Burnt-Out Wreck of an Tupolev SB-2bis in Russia

Burnt-out wreck of an Tupolev SB-2bis in Russia. The SB-2bis differed from the preceding variant mainly in its more powerful M-103 engines, which each produced 130 h.p. more than the M-100 engines of the SB-2. The SB-2bis also had increased fuel tankage and consequently was the Soviet Air Force's standard medium bomber during the first half of the war against Germany. The aircraft seen in the photo was most probably shot down. The bent propeller blades suggest a forced landing with the engines running. Note the unusual curved demarcation line between the two camouflage colors on the rear fuselage.

Source :
Magazine "Luftwaffe im Focus Spezial" No.1 2003

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