Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photo of Finnish Journalist and Poet Olavi Paavolainen

Photo of Finnish journalist and poet Olavi Paavolainen at Mikkeli, Eastern Finland... in its most appropriate uniform! Paavolainen (1903 - 1964) was a Finnish essayist, journalist, travel book writer, and poet. During World War II Paavolainen served at the Information Department of the Headquarters. He was posted after the outbreak of the Winter War to Mikkeli in eastern Finland, as adjutant to an infantry general and visited Vienola in 1944. His childhood home with its famous palm tree room was destroyed. It was the last time he saw his place of birth. Paavolainen's critical World War II diary "Synkkä Yksinpuhelu" which was published in 1946, was attacked domestically because of its opposition and surmounted opinions of the war between Finland and the Soviet Union, and hidden anticipation of the defeat in the early war years. When Paavolainen's travel book from Germany were more or less enthusiastic, now he had his own reservations about the Finland's alliance with Nazi Germany. After the major criticism in Finland, Paavolainen made the decision to publish no more books and retreated. In 1945 Paavolainen married journalist Sirkka-Liisa Virtamo; but the marriage ended officially eight years later in 1953.


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