Sunday, November 23, 2014

German and Finnish Officers

This is an interesting war time colour photo by Carl Rosenqvist which taken in 10 August 1942. The unit is German Einsatzstab Fähre Ost (EFO), a Lufwaffe unit which operated on Lake Ladoga, Finland, together with Italian MTBs (12. Squadriglia MAS) and German mine layer boats (C-Gruppe / 31. Minensuch-Flottilla) during summer 1942. The officers in the photo are (from left): German Oberstleutnant der Reserve Friedrich-Wilhelm Siebel (Commander of EFO, Einsatzstab Fähre Ost); Finnish Colonel Eino Iisakki Järvinen (Commander of Lake Ladoga Coastal Brigade); and two unidentified Luftwaffe officers (at the right is from Flak unit)


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