Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Luftwaffe Soldiers with Radio

This picture from SIGNAL magazine (French edition) showing German Luftwaffe soldiers using Torn. Fu. d 2 field radio in the front. This portable transceiver Torn.Fu.d2 is a VHF 2 way communications device with modes A1 "Telegrafie tonlos" and A3 "Telefonie" operated in the frequency range 33.8 to 38 MHz. Communication range in A3 mode is approximately 3 km and 10 in A1 mode. The Torn.Fu.d2 can be operated from a field telephone via a 1 to 2 km long field line. Transmitter has 3 tubes and a output power of 1 watt. Receiver has 6 tubes with a IF on 2.1 MHz.


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