Monday, March 21, 2016

Mule School at Camp Hale Colorado

Thirteen Tenth Mountain Division soldiers learn how to pack a mule to transport army gear during "mule school" at Camp Hale, Colorado. The image provides a clear view of the mule's harness and pack saddle. The men are wearing blue denim shirts and green pants; some are wearing green jackets; one is wearing high leather boots. The mule barn is in the background. Men who had had no experience with the mules at Hale were sent to Mule School where they learned to pack and handle the stubborn beasts. It wasn't always easy to get two GI cans, one to a side, secure, which led to considerable hilarity when the mule humped it's back, tossing the cans and a good deal of equipment all over the Texas prairie. Once skitterish mules disrupted a major Divisional parade much to the amusement of the enlisted men standing stiff in the sweltering heat!

Source :
Book "10th Mountain Division" by Randy W. Baumgardner

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