Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gebirgsjäger Wearing Swedish Fur Coat

A wartime Agfa color slide of a Gebirgsjäger Hauptmann eating some bread ration. He is wearing a Swedish Livpäls M1909 sheepskin parka coat, just like Major König (Ed Harris) in the movie "Enemy at the Gates" (the different is, this photo show a Swedish officer's double breasted version with button holes, while the one worn by Konig/Harris is a Swedish enlisted man's version which was single breasted and had the button tabs). Even though Sweden was neutral in World War II, they still traded raw materials and commerce with the Germans. Most of these coats were private purchase items for officers in Norway and Finland. The grey version are for tankers, artillery men and higher ranking officers, while the white are for frontline officers, cavalry and frontline support troops. This coat was only issued to personal who don't have to move much, as it is INSANELY warm. The Germans made one that looked like this for their airmen, only difference is that the German one is a full-body suit rather than merely a coat.

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