Thursday, September 24, 2015

U-Boat Bridge Watch

This color photo was taken by Kriegsberichter Garms in 1942. It shows a “Brückenwache” (Bridge Watch) in the conning tower after a storm, still wearing their rubber things. In addition to the four lookouts, the Obersteuermann (first mate) may be seen behind the periscope with the sextant preparing for a “Sonne zu Schießen” (sun shot). He was responsible for accurate navigation and took every opportunity to use the sun to determine the boat’s position. Only the commander and the Obersteuermann were allowed to enter the resulting position on the map. The color photo also documents an interesting detail undetectable in black-and-white photos, namely the very different colors of the rubber clothing, from beige to pale green to dark green.

Source :
U-Boot im Focus - ediiton no.3, 2008

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