Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fritz Bayerlein and the Officers of the Afrikakorps

Generalmajor Fritz Bayerlein (Chef des Generalstabes 1. italienische Armee) with the officers of the German Afrikakorps in North Africa, spring 1943. From left to right: an unidentified Leutnant, Bayerlein, Sonderführer Dr. Ernst Franz (Rommel's translator), and the bearded Sonderführer Fritz Moosmüller (a Propaganda official but spend most of his time as a Dolmetscher/translator). Note uniform color variations (fading) and General's uniform with standard buttons (not in General's gold which you would expect). Neat details that you would never be able to observe in regular black and white pictures! Note also Sonderführer Moosmüller, his collar insignia has been removed. Two men wear pants with a thigh pocket (captured British perhaps, or privately tailored?), and so many color shades here: olive green, tan, brown... not very uniform of these uniforms! Sonderführer Dr. Franz (a veteran of World War I) is wearing a pink Panzertruppen soutache on his not so bleached uniform, and he also wore Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber. He did not add the Panzer skulls to his lapels as commonly done by Panzer men.

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