Thursday, August 6, 2015

Crew of a B-26 Marauder Outside their Plane, Nicknamed Ginger

A lovely shot by Frank Scherschel, taken immediately after the engines had been shut down, of the pilot and his crew of an American B-26 Marauder (group markings B-26B-20-MA, serial number 41-31767), nicknamed "Ginger", discuss their upcoming 20th mission while on the tarmac of Andrewsfield Airport near Stebbing, Essex, England, December 1943. The crew was attached to the 449th Bomber Squadron / 322nd Bombardment Group / 9th Air Force. Their plane displaying 19 mission symbols and six "Duck" symbols, representing diversion missions (D=Decoy. The 9th AF would send out two formations to try and confuse the Germans on what the main target was. The second smaller formation was called the diversionary force and painted the duck symbol on their planes for that mission). The bomber eventually succumbed to Flak (German anti-aircraft) over Siracourt (Northern France) to cause the crew to bail out near the coast of France. All six men survived and became POW's. Their name as follow: F/O Thomas H. Rivenbark - pilot, 2ndLt. Galend E. Stone - copilot, T/Sgt. John L. Misarke - bombardier/navigator, S/Sgt. Wilbur L. Moore - engineer/gunner, S/Sgt. Paul E. McManes - radio operator/gunner, and S/Sgt. Curtis B. Hill - armorer/gunner (please note that the crew listed in the description above were not a part of the crew when this picture was taken)

Sources :
Book "Martin B-26 Marauder" by Martyn Chorlton and Henry Morshead

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