Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Walther von Reichenau and his Staff in Belgium, May 1940

This picture was taken in Belgium in May 1940 and showing Generaloberst Walther von Reichenau (3rd from right, front row) listen intently with his staff officers while Oberstleutnant Hans Mikosch explaining the unit operation with his map. Front row, from left to right: Mikosch (Kommandeur Pionier-Bataillon 51), Generalleutnant z.V. Siegfried Haenicke (Kommandeur 61. Infanterie-Division), Reichenau (Oberbefehlshaber 6. Armee), General der Infanterie Viktor von Schwedler (Kommandierender General IV. Armeekorps), and Generalmajor (Luftwaffe) Otto Deßloch (Kommandierender General II. Flakkorps). During the invasion of the Low Countries the 6. Armee saw active service linking up with paratroopers and destroying fortifications at Eben Emael, Liège, and Namur during the Battle of Belgium. 6. Armee was then involved in the breakthrough of the Paris defences on 12 June 1940, before acting as a northern flank for German forces along the Normandy coast during the closing stages of the Battle of France

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