Monday, January 16, 2017

U-34 Emblem During Hard Winter of 1940-41

Many training boats could look back on an interesting operational life and their activities were in no way restricted to the Baltic Sea. This photo shows a well-known Type VII A boat of 24. U-Flottille in the Baltic during the hard winter of 1940-41. It is U-34, wearing the emblem consisting of an elephant stepping the head of Winston Churchill, England's First Sea Lord. Beneath it is the training boat emblem. Exactly when the elephant emblem was introduced is not clear, for the boat is believed to have worn the "Raben Huckebein" (Raven Huckebein) emblem during its seven operational patrols. U-34 was lost on 5 August 1943, when it sank after collision with the submarine tender "Lech" off Memel.

Source :
"U-Boot Im Focus" magazine, edition nr.6 - 2010

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