Saturday, September 24, 2016

Julius Schaub Wearing SS Tuxedo

SS-Gruppenführer Julius Schaub, Hitler's personal aide with the formal title of "Persönlicher Adjutant des Führers", wearing an 'SS Grosser Gesellschaftanzug' in a Nazi Party reception held at the Führerbau, 25 February 1939. The tuxedo (or formal evening dress for SS leaders) consisting of short black jacket with black silk lapels and six matt buttons with special SS 'runic' design in front. All insignia including special Breast Badge and big decoration clasp, Swastika armband, NSDAP Badge in Gold, aluminium twisted cord collar piping, silver SS Leader's aiguillette, white linen waistcoat with lapels and either three or four matt silver buttons, white evening-dress shirt with winged collar and bow tie (for less formal occasions, a black waistcoat and bow were worn), and long black trousers piped in white with aluminium black shoes. A long black cape with white metal clasps and chain and a 17.5 mm wide embroidered SS Eagle on the left side was worn with this dress. The picture was taken by Hugo Jaeger, Hitler's personal photographer.

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