Friday, October 9, 2015

German Bf 110 Fighter-Bomber in the Balkan Campaign

L2+SR, a Messerschmitt Bf 110 E-3 of 7.Staffel (Fern) / Lehrgeschwader 2 (LG 2), photographed at Sofia-Vrazdebna at the beginning of April 1941 as German forces were preparing to invade Greece and Yugoslavia. Yellow identity markings have already been painted on the aircraft. Note that the Staffel's "Teufelskopf" (Devil's Head) emblem was spared when the nose was painted. The spinner tips are white, the Staffel color. The heating air inlet in the fuselage nose and two ETC 50 bomb racks under each wing are identifying features of E-series aircraft. Canvas covers have been placed over the engines and wheels. The aircraft is finished in the standard gray camouflage finish (RLM 74/75/76) with mottled fuselage sides

Source :
"Luftwaffe im Focus", Spezial No.1 - 2003

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