Wednesday, June 17, 2015

German Tank Crews Loaded Shells in their PzKpfw III tank

German tank crews from Panzer-Regiment 15 / 11.Panzer-Division loaded 5cm L60 (KwK39) shells in their Panzerkampfwagen III tank. Presumably on the way to Moscow, autumn 1941. For Operation Barbarossa, the 11. Panzer-Division initially started as part of XLVIII.Panzerkorps / Panzergruppe 1 / Heeresgruppe Süds. It took part in the encirclement of Kiev, and then participated in Operation Typhoon, the attempted encirclement of Moscow. At that time, the division (led by Generalleutnant Walter Scheller) were part of XXXXVI.Panzerkorps / Panzergruppe 4 / Heeresgruppe Mitte

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