Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hermann Göring Wearing his Famous Ruby Ring

Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring with his Luftwaffe and Italian officers. He is wearing a large Ruby Ring produced by top Third Reich jeweler Professor Herbert Zeitner bearing the symbols of Reichsmarschall. It was constructed from 18 carat gold around a large radiant cut ruby measuring approximately 3/4 of an inch wide and 7/8 of an inch long. Each side of the ring shows a raised engraved design, with one side bearing a conjoined "HG" monogram with traditional German-style oak leaf embellishment and the reverse bearing the German Hunter's Association logo, a ribbon marked "DJ" (Deutsche Jäger Verein) beneath the head of a multi-point stag, a radiant swastika positioned between the antlers, an old symbol of Saint Hubertus, patron saint of hunting, one of many symbols repurposed and defaced by the Nazis. The inside bottom of the band is marked with a small "Z" in a circle, a marking attributed to the goldsmith Professor Zeitner. While positive confirmation of a piece of Göring jewelry can be difficult, a number of pictures of Göring wearing a ring that could be this one survived the Nazi era, and many foreign diplomats who interacted with him felt the need to comment on the large red gemstone he was wearing on his finger, above and beyond all the other decorations he would bear into a high profile meeting.

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