Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heinz Bär

 Major Heinz Bär (last rank Oberstleutnant) is one of only a small handfull of “First to Last” pilots, flying from the first day to the last. Also fighting and scoring on every front, from Holland and France, to the English Channel, to Russia, to the Mediterranean, to North Africa and back to defend Germany. And this in both of propeller fighters : Me 109 E/F/G, FW 190 A-7/A-9, D-9 them Me 262 A/C, the first in combat used jet fighter. He's scoring 220 enemy planes shot down in about 1000 missions, shot down himself 18 times, taking to his parachute 4 times and making 14 belly landings. To survive this type of combat career is maybe due to his lucky “13”, carried on several of his planes, but is nothing short of remarkable!


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