Saturday, June 7, 2014

German Afrikakorps Guard on Duty

German Afrikakorps guard on duty behind barbed wire overlooking a flat desert. He is wearing short pants, tropical uniform and pith helmet with goggles. Photo taken by General Erwin Rommel during his Campaign in North Africa, 1941. There is available about 169 color slides that Rommel took during his entire Africa campaign


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  1. When looking at this photo in closer detail...The high-crowned pith helmet, with goggles worn to the side(as Italian troops in WW II so often did) and --particularly telling-- the apparent use of the Manlicher-Carcano carbine—a standard Italian army issue--with folding bayonet extended, would appear to indicate that this sentry photographed by Erwin Rommel is Italian, rather than German as the blog photo title suggests.