Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Erwin Rommel and Stefan Fröhlich Consults Over a Map

Generalleutnant Erwin Rommel (left, Kommandierender General Deutsches Afrikakorps) consults with Generalmajor Stefan Fröhlich who, as a Fliegerführer Afrika, led the German air support to the German Afrikakorps during the winter campaign of 1941/42. Rommel often moved his HQ at short notice during an offensive because he believed commanders needed to be close to the front line in order to react to events rapidly. This picture was first published in 1943 in the book "Balkenkreuz Über Wüstensand" (The Balkan Cross over Desert Sand) by Gerhard Stalling Verlag

Book "Kill Rommel! Operation Flipper 1941" by Gavin Mortimer page 70

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