Monday, June 6, 2016

Kapitänleutnant Siegfried Wuppermann

Kapitänleutnant Siegfried Wuppermann was born on 15 December 1916 in Berlin. He joined the Kriegsmarine in 1936 and was promoted to Leutnant zur See in 1938 and as adjutant was transferred to the U-boat-Schulflottille. Wuppermann joined the Schnellboot service in March 1939 and took command of a Schnellboot in the 1. Schnellbootflottille. During the Invasion of Poland he participated on patrols in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and in the English Channel. In early November 1940 he took charge of a Gruppe in the 3. Schnellbootflottille and takes command of Schnellboot "S 60" on 21 December 1940. Siegfried saw action with this boat near Boulogne. In February 1941 he became acting commander of the 3. Schnellbootflottille because Friedrich Kemnade was on vacation. Wuppermann led a patrol on 7 March 1941 against Allied convoys which leads to the destruction of two destroyers and three merchant vessels. On "S 60" he participates in Operation Barbarossa. On 21 June 1941, one day before the invasion of the Soviet Union, he operated against the harbor of Windau laying 30 mines. Siegfried Wuppermann received the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes on 3 August 1941 during these battles. After the 3. Schnellbootflottille was transferred to the Mediterranean to guard the Axis convoys to North Africa. Wuppermann receives the coveted Eichenlaub to his Ritterkreuz on 14 April 1943. Kapitänleutnant Wuppermann helps establish the 21. and 22. Schnellbootflottillen in Eckernförde in May 1943 and is then transferred to the Stab of the Führer der Schnellboote. In March 1945 he takes command of the 1. Schnellboot Division and fights with this unit in the Adriatic Sea. After the war he joins the Bundesmarine with the last rank as Kapitän zur See der Reserve. Siegfried Wuppermann died on 15 April 2005 in Osnabrück.

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